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Birthday gifts and October report


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new video about Yield Nodes system with a just amazing October report! Today I will show you our clear profit for September, current MasterNoded balance and together we will check last news from the founders of the Yield Nodes project! Let's start it!

Well guys, unfortunately as you know it was again a very hard period for cryptocurrencies but despite the critically huge instability on the crypto market during last month Yield Nodes guys were able to provide us simply unbelievable 5.3% for September! Really, I think that this is just astonishing profits for such instability! As you already know no one other project now on over the internet even close not provide such results! Well done!

Bitcoin rates for the September 2022
Bitcoin rates for the September 2022

And as you can see for our MasterNoded balance it's more than seven hundred EUR absolutely hands-free! It's truly impressive how fast with only 10 thousand balance Yield Nodes project reached such results. Not a financial advice, but I can definitely recommend you consider Yield Nodes like a part of your investment portfolio and guys, please use money which you can allow to invest! As always, we compounded all profits and now, we have on our MasterNoded balance amazing almost 14 thousand EUR and it's just wonderful results guys to see how your balance grows so fast!

Yield Nodes results for the September 2022
Yield Nodes results for the September 2022

Additionally, I want to mention one more time and it seems that I will do it very often but again guys that it's simply amazing to read your emails and comments about your profits and plans in Yield Nodes, it's wonderful to see that you also have stable income in this astonishing project guys! We are very happy to show you our balance increase from month to month but it's also incredible to know that your balances increase too and you are happy to be a part of such amazing project! Very nice!

Well now I suggest you to check the main news from Yield Nodes founders which we got in their last update which was released recently:

Dear YieldNoders!

We're happy to announce the rate for September: 5.3%

As always, pay-outs will be processed according to the published schedule.

Mandarin available!

We've added a new language! Following on from our Hindi translation, Mandarin is now available.

YieldNodes App ranked #6 in Finance on Google Play!

The Yieldnodes Android App is doing well, despite some glitches and pending bug fixes. As you would expect, we're on it, and will be smoothing out the experience over the coming weeks.

The YieldNodes iOS App will also become available later this month, but remember to ONLY download via links on yieldnodes.com in order to stay safe from hackers!

YieldNodes is 3 years old!

YieldNodes was started 3 years ago in October 2019 ...from a small noding and staking operation in Malta. 3 years and many many grey hairs later (someone just told me that I've aged considerably... thank you internet people :D) we have grown into an organization of 50+ people with physical Hubs in Malta and Germany, 20+ coin projects, exchange partnerships, and are constantly transforming and reinventing the business through bull and bear markets - staying strong even in the wake of economic crisis, war and pandemic :)

We want to thank everyone who stood (and stands) by us to make this journey so memorable! It hasn't always been easy, and it certainly wont be in the future, but we renew our pledge to do things the right way while remaining transparent in what we do and how we do it.

As part of the celebration, there are 3 steps:

1) New T-shirt

New Yield Nodes T-shirts
New Yield Nodes T-shirts

Our fan favorite Liam Dyson has created a nice T-shirt for the occasion which can be purchased via the store:


2) Lower minimum initial deposit for joining YieldNodes

We lowered the minimum initial deposit from 500 Euros to just 100 Euros, so it's even easier to "seed" an account. This is only for October, and will put considerable strain on our support team, but we want to give everyone a chance to seed an account as this is a marathon to us and not a Sprint.

3) SAPP bonus period extended.

Rather than removing the Sapphire Deposit Bonus entirely, we decided to extend it by one month at the lower rate of 7% as we analyze the metrics.

I want to extend a warm thank you to all the people working with us, as well and the full team. Thanks for doing the hard work in the background and busting your behinds to build decenomy!

Well, guys as you remember in our last update, we provided you a video from the developers about How application looks like inside but now you have a possibility to download it and check everything by yourself.

Moreover, the main and the most important thing now it's a third birthday of Yield Nodes project. We've been a part of this wonderful system almost from the very beginning and our first deposit was made in November 2019! With all responsibility, we can say that over the past three years we have been amazed from month to month more and more: by the results, stability, vision and by the transparency of Yield Nodes! Also, but not least, as time went on, we began to see more and more how Yield Nodes really changes the lives of thousands of people for the better! We can feel how the developers are devoting almost all of their time to this wonderful project and it is equally amazing how the project manages to stand on its feet even in the most difficult days!

Happy Birthday Yield Nodes
Happy Birthday Yield Nodes

Dear Yield Nodes we wishing you the best on your birthday and everything good in the years ahead. Keep up a simply fabulous work guys and from our side we promise always provide necessary support for the better of the whole Yield Nodes and Decenomy community! Thank you, so much and Happy Birthday, Yield Nodes!

By the way, guys, don't forget to check our one million video about how we reached one million balance from five thousand which we deposited at November 2019 with full information about our monthly profits!

1,000,000 EUR balance and April results
1,000,000 EUR balance and April results

Moreover, please don't forget that if you will register through our link you will get:

  • possibility to start with a small deposit;
  • a high quality support for Yield Nodes system;
  • weekly reports and videos of Member Area;
  • current features and answers on questions in our blog;
  • profits statements and secrets;
  • access to our secret page with our diary of profits;
  • table of our deposits, withdrawals and reinvests;
  • last news about future of the Yield Nodes project;
  • and many many other important things!

And ones again guys! Hurry up with your deposits, because I really don't know exactly how many new users the Yield Nodes system will be able to accept.

Well, as always we really happy to work for you guys and please share this video with your friends - you will help us a lot. Don't forget to subscribe to our:

to always have fresh and the most important information in time!

Thank you for watching guys and see you inside!



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