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Terrific founders news and current results


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new update about Yield Nodes! Today we will check our current results and additionally we will provide you terrific information about Yield Nodes and Decenomy projects! Well, let's start it!

Yield Nodes results for two weeks of September 2022
Yield Nodes results for two weeks of September 2022

So, guys as you can see despite really huge instability on the crypto market, amazing profit in 1% for the first week was added! Moreover, very nice 1.2% was added for the second week and it's simply awesome! As you can see Yield Nodes still provides promising results and even increased profits for the second week! I hope that we can await much better profits for the current month than it was for August! In any case, we will see it at the 1st of October and we from our side, will do our best to keep you updated guys, but information which we have now tells us that it should be a very positive month! Fingers crossed!

Additionally, guys, few days ago a very important announcement about DECENOMY company was made and here it is:

Dear YieldNoders

As always, Pay-outs have been processed! There have been a few hiccups but everything is as always resolved and taken care of :)

New! SAPP (Sapphire) Deposits with 10% Start-Up Bonus and USDC Deposits!

As we consistently strive to more utility to our Decenomy coins, we added the Sapphire Deposit option!

If you deposit in YieldNodes via Sapphire then you will get a 10% Deposit Bonus (only valid during September for now), and the 7-day "grace period" is waived because Sapphire is already noded.

You'll find these options when logging into YieldNodes and clicking the "Deposit" option. You can currently purchase Sapphire on Birake, Stakecube and Graviex.

It was a natural evolution towards YieldNodes Pro to gradually bring in our network and fuse together Decenomy and YieldNodes in a more coherent manner!

Over time, we will add all the Decenomy coins as depositing options as well as offering them as payout options. You can continue to be paid out in BTC and USDT if you wish - our goal is simply to become more flexible and nimble rather than restricting choice.

In the long run, this will have a "flywheel" effect - stabilizing and elevating prices as our real-world use cases materialize step-by-step, as well as decoupling our network from the general crypto market that is currently dire-looking and let us build our own thing together :)

Our coins (especially Sapphire) are stores of value, and we need to work on the mindset to establish them as such - giving them stability and usability despite what the general crypto market is doing.

We are truly blessed and very happy to be able to keep fighting the good fight alongside you, and to work in this niche despite the world-wide negativity from war, economic collapse, and the impending energy crisis (heating costs) looming this winter.

Working in the Solar and Battery sector, and making renewable energy affordable (even the ability to earn from it via coins) is going to be a very profitable market for all of us, so YieldNodes and Decenomy are in a very good position to capitalize big time ...and so do you!

In turn, we hope you see us in the same light: As partners on a mission to change the status quo and build a better future together.

So, guys, hurry up with your SAPP deposits because as you understand if you deposit in Yield Nodes via Sapphire then you will get a 10% Deposit Bonus (only valid during September for now), and the 7-day "grace period" is waived because Sapphire is already noded! Very nice suggestion!

Also, Urs posted one more important message:

Good morning dear DECENOMY friends,

we have had some "hard days" and had to defend ourselves against a major attack on all levels. We have stabilized SAPP with your help and can even see a nice rising trend again.

The YieldNodes and the SAPP communities have shown a lot of strength, thank you very much for that.

I had announced new information channels for these days. Unfortunately this will take a few more days. Therefore I will inform you here about the current status:

Our research confirm the information we had received before: We were attacked by a larger group of DeFi supporters. The professionalism with which this was done shows that this was planned from long hand. In addition to the dumping action, targeted information was spread in various channels against us, including that we were a scam.

We have been in existence for more than 3 years, we are transparent and have already been audited several times, most of them live in our offices and hubs. We have officially registered companies, many of the members of the DECENOMY group are working full time for our vision of a new fair market economy. When people claim we are a risky unregulated investment, like most startups, that is certainly true and we explain that to every partner in YieldNodes. If people claim we are a scam, then that is an spiteful insinuation. After consulting with our lawyers, we will take legal action against this.

The hammer was fired by the supposedly reputable exchange "Kraken". Several YieldNodes investors had their accounts terminated after YieldNodes paid out their earnings. This proves that it was never about protecting customers from investing in a scam, it was always about harming, or even destroying YieldNodes. But I think that these attackers underestimated the strength of DECENOMY, of which you are an essential part.

We are currently building data centers at various locations in Europe in order to have our own decentralized infrastructure. In the second step, we will build further data centers worldwide as part of our hub concept, which DECENOMY partners can also operate according to defined standards. We call these data centers "Node Space".

Our hub concept provides worldwide real meeting points for DECENOMY, where people can meet and get information about DECENOMY at appropriate events or individually. The Hubs provide space and Node Space for DECENOMY. The first Hubs are operated by us, we would be happy if more Hubs are operated by other DECENOMY partners.

Currently there are two hubs, the first one in Malta and the second in northern Germany, more will follow in Italy, Portugal, Dubai and Sao Tome.

For our mobile charging station project for electric cars, we are establishing a new company "Mobolith GmbH" in Germany. It will have the legal form of a corporation. Mobolith will be the first company to run entirely on DECENOMY. MOBIC will be used as the coin.

In addition to MOBIC, we will set up a new coin which will represent the field of energy, this will probably happen in Dubai, but of course anyone can invest. UCR will also be used, as CO2 is saved there.

As another project, we are currently preparing "Slyhit", a new type of auctions for private users. The application is fully programmed. We are still clarifying legal issues and will launch "Slyhit" this year. For Slyhit the 777 and the KYAN Coin will be used.

SAPP as a leading currency will of course be used directly and indirectly in each of the projects. I think through these first projects more and more people will understand how DECENOMY works.

It's very cool to hear that the attack was repelled and the people who were involved in the scam were taken out of the project. The team worked professionally and beyond praise! Also, there are more and more data centers and it's especially nice to hear the news about the big development in all directions!

Additionally, today we got a big email from CEO Steve with simply terrific news and here is it:

Dear YieldNoders!

We're hard at work as the slower time of the year comes to an end.

"Weak Hands" have been flushed out of the system, and the network is growing stronger and stronger again - despite the on-going bearmarket and crypto-panic.

Look around yourself! Every competitor or program that started out with promises is gone. Volumes on Opensea and NFT places are at an all-time low, and even regulated companies (Celcius) and funds (AC3 Capital) have gone.

Yet here we are :)

.. soon celebrating our 3-year anniversary! (something nice is planned.. you'll see soon!)

Never forget - you have a full team of capable people here ...all working to bring our coins and networks into the real world and connect the values to fight price fluctuations. We're not there yet, but everyday we grow and learn. Realise that YieldNodes and Decenomy are working actively on your behalf rather than just building a pointless chain where nothing happens (ICOS and Shitcoins) - that should tell you something.

The Hubs, meeting points, the tech coming to masternode within wallets.. the POS push through the Ethereum merge, plus the solar and battery projects when the energy crisis is coming. Not counting the island of Sao Tome and Principe where we will materialize our projects in 2023. We're perfectly positioned to reap all the rewards.

If our plans come to fruition, the appreciation of Sapphire will be incredible ...as will our other coins. However It's in your hands as well! If you understand that SAPP and our other decenomy coins are "stores of value", and that you truly have partners you can trust... we win!

We expect some great gains over the coming months and are very excited :)

YieldNodes App on Android and iOS

The App is almost ready - we're just working out the final kinks, so it'll soon to be ready to download and use! Here's a Video Preview:

Expansion into Asia

We're looking to expand into the Asian market so we're working on a translation of our site as well as searching for Asian partners. Africa will be next :)

As always, the warning stands. Never invest what you cannot afford to lose. As bright as things look, you always need to consider YieldNodes as part of a bigger investment portfolio and realize that although rewards can be massive, it has to be categorized as high risk because it has not been attempted before.

It's great to hear that despite all the problems, the guys showed that they are able to stay afloat when so many projects were closed. The app looks promising and it's especially nice to hear that the developers are expect some great gains over the coming months and are very excited!

Also, we will expect news about the third anniversary of the project and we really hope that we will do another update when the project reaches its tenth anniversary and more!

Well, guys, a lot of good news here and we are more than excited about our future in the Yield Nodes project! It's so nice to see good news every week and finally positive crypto market moving! Please also remember that as more you have on your MasterNoded balance as more you have in your monthly profits. So, if you want to growing up faster you need to make more deposits, but guys please be sure that you deposit money which you can allow to invest.

By the way, guys, don't forget to check our one million video about how we reached one million balance from five thousand which we deposited at November 2019 with full information about our monthly profits!

1,000,000 EUR balance and April results
1,000,000 EUR balance and April results

Moreover, please don't forget that if you will register through our link you will get:

  • possibility to start with a small deposit;
  • a high quality support for Yield Nodes system;
  • weekly reports and videos of Member Area;
  • current features and answers on questions in our blog;
  • profits statements and secrets;
  • access to our secret page with our diary of profits;
  • table of our deposits, withdrawals and reinvests;
  • last news about future of the Yield Nodes project;
  • and many many other important things!

And ones again guys! Hurry up with your deposits, because I really don't know exactly how many new users the Yield Nodes system will be able to accept.

Well, as always we really happy to work for you guys and please share this video with your friends - you will help us a lot. Don't forget to subscribe to our:

to always have fresh and the most important information in time!

Thank you for watching guys and see you inside!



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