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SAPP all-time high and August results


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new video about Yield Nodes system with a just wonderful September report! Today I will show you our clear profit for August, current MasterNoded balance and together we will check some important news from the founders of the Yield Nodes and Decenomy projects! Let's start it!

Bitcoin tested 19 thousand 5 hundred mark
Bitcoin tested 19 thousand 5 hundred mark

Well guys, as you know it was really a very hard period for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin even tested 19 thousand 5 hundred mark but despite the bear markets during last month Yield Nodes guys were able to provide us a very nice 6.1% for August! Truly impressive results especially during such instability! Good job!

Yield Nodes results for the August 2022
Yield Nodes results for the August 2022

And as you can see for our MasterNoded balance it's almost 8 hundred EUR! As always we compounded all profits and now we have on our MasterNoded balance amazing more than 13 thousand EUR! Very nice!

By the way, as you already understand, if you will have big MasterNoded balance you will get just huge clear profits even with usual monthly earnings like 9 or even 6 percent. Moreover, in case if you will make more deposits and will use compound option, your profits will be even bigger. Extremely promising! Also, please bear in mind that in case if you will get just huge monthly percent like it was for example for February 2021 in 19.2% your profits will be simply amazing! But guys, please remember, never use your last money for any investment and always do your own research!

Well now I suggest you to check the main news from Yield Nodes founders which we got in their last updates which were released recently! First, let's check information about Yield Nodes and Decenomy applications about which Steve mentioned:

Mobile Apps for YieldNodes as well as for masternoding and staking are in the works, but NOT yet live!

One App will allow you to manage your YieldNodes account on the go and replace all these scammy Apps that keep popping up in the stores trying to lure unsuspecting victims.

The other will allow you to hold all your Decenomy coins in a wallet where you will be the sole owner of your privacy keys PLUS be able to masternode on the go, and thus diversify a little from YieldNodes itself :)

However... neither are live yet, so please be patient and stick with yieldnodes.com for now!

DO NOT believe any claims in Apps or emails! Scammers are trying to "fish" for your login and password, so be alert and always use yieldnodes.com - nothing else for now!

Additionally Yield Nodes and Decenomy developers provided information about Decenomy Summer Event in Malta:

Dear DECENOMY family,

By the end of July we had the Decenomy Summer Event in Malta!

A great opportunity to share ideas between team members and also to spend some time together.

In our most recent Medium article we touched some upcoming projects and plans, that you probably going to like to know.

Here is photo from the first day which was assigned for internal meetings, debates and discussions.

First day was assigned for internal meetings, debates and discussions
First day was assigned for internal meetings, debates and discussions

And here is photo of the second day where developers had the privilege to visit Malta and its surroundings from aboard a large catamaran, where the sailing staff and not only, made this experience an unforgettable one.

Malta visiting from aboard a large catamaran
Malta visiting from aboard a large catamaran

Moreover, we got a very exciting message from Decenomy team member with name Nick and here is it:

Dear DECENOMY family,

Yesterday I was near Stuttgart in Germany for one of the most exciting meetings in my crypto career!

As you all know we are talking since some time about our loading stations and mobile loading containers for electric cars... Well now the time has come that we can actually touch and see this usecase!

We have our first working prototype installed with the collaboration from a small town in Germany!

Loading stations and mobile loading containers for electric cars
Loading stations and mobile loading containers for electric cars

The tests I saw show that the loading station is working and almost ready to use, the next step in this will be decentralized loading, giving everyone the opportunity to share electricity and earn money by doing it!

The picture underneath is our loading station, still very basic in design because this was not our top priority but soon we will start to see "DECENOMY loading stations" all over the world!

The future looks bright for our loyal current and future investors!

Well, it's sounds really impressive and hope we will see a lot of Decenomy loading stations in the next few years and now I suggest you to check email from Steve about datacenter which we got recently:

Dear YieldNoders!

The rate for August is 6.1%, so we're very happy with that result given the less-than-optimal market conditions in recent weeks!

Own Datacenter in Wurzburg

We're happy to announce that we're working on building our own server farm in a datacenter located in Wurzburg. This will allow us to decouple ourselves from 3rd-party servers and be able to move operations in-house ...along with our own security own staff!

Things have already begun in this regard - here are a few pictures: (Micha looks abit grumpy but hes a jolly fella usually :)

Own Datacenter in Wurzburg
Own Datacenter in Wurzburg

Everything is on track for implementing USDC deposits (and later, withdrawals) very soon.

We've also been working on our YieldNodes App, which is shaping up nicely, so we aim to present an Alpha version very soon.

Well, guys, it's really nice to get so many news during last weeks and see how Yield Nodes and Decenomy projects expands and adding more features. By the way, during last days we got a lot of messages with your questions about current rates for the flagship Decenomy coin Sapphire and we got some answer for you and here is it:

Dear DECENOMY community,

Like you probably all have seen the past week we have some massive selling pressure on our coins... We have been following up on this and noticed that the main pressure is coming from people who try to buy low and sell higher, gambling against our prices who have been in an upward trend since a long time.

Since we don't believe in gambling on currencies we can't support this event so we will temporarily not support the markets.

Investors who invest in is because of the project and make money out of the rewards they receive is something 100% natural and logical, it is the way to go...

And remember since this is the most important part for me to this announcement, when you stake or masternode the price of the coin is irrelevant since as long as you sell your rewards you get break even at some point and end up with profit since you still have your initial coins standing in your wallets... the only thing is that it can take longer than anticipated but since we are all here for the long run this is nothing to worry about.

Kind regards,

But after that Urs also posted a very important message in Discord and here is it:

Some gamblers are trying to provoke us, we will first change things around and then stabilize the coin further. We will see another ATH of SAPP this year, but with new stability mechanisms and I hope with the usual strong community behind SAPP.

I will open my blog in the next few days, where I will also prove with video messages that we are real people with flesh and blood, some of us stand behind DECENOMY and all its coins 24 hours a day.

It is a pity that there are still so many fortune seekers who keep repeating old mistakes because they want to get rich quickly. DECENOMY and SAPP stand for sustainability and the future and not for quick money. YieldNodes actually allows people to make money quickly, but it is not permanent and is only possible during the build-up phase (similar to Tesla). DECENOMY as the ultimate goal stands for sustainability and protection of real assets.

Additionally, Urs added a huge message to the Decenomy Announcement section and here is it:

Dear DECENOMY friends,

I know that many have been waiting for a message from me for some time. But every time I wanted to make a major announcement, something happened that threw our plans out of whack and forced us to make changes. There have been positive news, like the opportunities offered by the government of Sao Tome, as well as negative news, like the multiple Bitcoin crashes, attacks on our coins, especially on the Sapphire, and of course the Ukraine war, but also that our first real projects were repeatedly postponed due to technical problems.

However, the dump action against Sapphire, combined with some panic selling showed me three things:

  1. as the mastermind behind everything, I have a permanent duty to inform. In the future, I will fulfil this duty in a comprehensive and detailed manner on various information channels, the main will be the "Channel Urs". But since we have a total of over 200,000 followers, of course I can't answer every question. However, we will organise question rounds and our qualified support team will be also available to answer questions.
  2. gamblers should not rely on us stabilising Sapphire regardless of manipulation attempts. The people who use our coins or invest in them must be able to rely on the stability of value, but they must also contribute to it themselves. However they can only do this if they receive the necessary information from me, which closes the circle again to me.
  3. We must strongly defend ourselves against any allegation that we are a scam. We are the only project that does real audits on our premises, where auditors can meet us in person, ask us questions and we disclose everything. But still people who have never been in contact with us call us a scam. The process remembers to the rating agencies that were in big parts responsible for the financial crash of 2008. Chainalysis is a classic middleman, telling a middleman-free technology which transactions are trustworthy and which are not. But the best thing is that Chainalysis classifies services as scam without ever having spoken to them. We are breaking away from the DeFi rules because we want to build a financial system that is oriented towards the real economy. So we don't fit into their matrix of gambling bankers called traders and investment bankers. We have no problem being named as a risky investment, but we are not a scam.

That I call you all "DECENOMY friends" has something to do with the fact that we finally want to unite officially everything that belongs together. All our coins and YieldNodes form the basis for DECENOMY. Until now, there were only links, but no clear structures.

The personal meetings and audits were previously reserved for YieldNodes investors and team members. From spring 2023, however, it will be possible for all DECENOMY partners, also all coin owners and interested persons, to meet us in person in our hubs, receive information there and become part of our community. We don't want to hide in internet anonymity like other projects as we are real partners you can touch.

We will also create a stronger connection between YieldNodes and the coins. Those who invest in YieldNodes with DECENOMY coins will receive a discount of up to 10%. Until now it was only possible to cash out in SAPP, but in the future it will be possible to invest and cash out with all coins. Last month f.e., the return on YieldNodes was higher than the return on masternoding in SAPP. This will lead to a further stabilisation of our coins and thus to an increase in the yield of YieldNodes as well.

Yields will increase further when our coins are used in our electric car charging concept, called Mobolith, and when Slyhit, our new way of trading, launches. Both will happen in the near time. More detailed information will be available next week.

In general guys, concerning news from Yield Nodes and Decenomy team we want to say that this very important to know such information because this is directly show us that guys truly excited about what they doing, they working very hard, they have a lot of meetings, big plans for the future and many many other and we get more and more assurance not only in future profits but additionally in the whole project eco system! I sincerely wish to the developers team and to all of us - truly believers in Yield Nodes and Decenomy projects but not some gamblers - a real stability and consistent profits during many years. I and my friend Ronald feel really amazing that we are part of such wonderful community and we want to say a huge Thank you to the founders and the whole Yield Nodes and Decenomy team for such fabulous opportunity!

By the way, guys, don't forget to check our one million video about how we reached one million balance from five thousand which we deposited at November 2019 with full information about our monthly profits!

1,000,000 EUR balance and April results
1,000,000 EUR balance and April results

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And ones again guys! Hurry up with your deposits, because I really don't know exactly how many new users the Yield Nodes system will be able to accept.

Well, as always we really happy to work for you guys and please share this video with your friends - you will help us a lot. Don't forget to subscribe to our:

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Thank you for watching guys and see you inside!



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