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Hot autumn and great development


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new video about Yield Nodes! Today we will check our current results and additionally I will provide you information about some really wonderful news from the Yield Nodes founders! Well, let's start it!

So, guys as you can see 1.8% was added for the first week of September and still very nice 1.7% was added for the second week and as you can see really promising and I should say really good 1.8% was added for the third week! Despite really huge instability on the crypto market during last weeks (and as you remember Bitcoin rates even tested 39 thousand), Yield Nodes still provides promising results! I'm not sure that we will see near 10% profits for September but 8 or even 7% will be astonishing on such unstable market! Fingers crossed!

Yield Nodes profit for three weeks of September 2021
Yield Nodes profit for three weeks of September 2021

If be honest with you guys, I sincerely think that 8 or even 7% for September will be great for all of us because as you can see during almost the whole September it was bear market and only at the end of the month, we see some changes in positive side and for the moment Bitcoin rates even reached 44 thousand! So, Yield Nodes developers are doing simply amazing job by providing us such amazing weekly percent during such instability! Well done!

BTC Rates for September 2021
BTC Rates for September 2021

Well guys now I suggest you to check a very important message from Yield Nodes and Decenomy founders which they posted recently.

Dear Sapphire (SAPP) and DECENOMY friends,

DECENOMY and Hypecoinexchange are now partners and we are happy to inform you that we are now listed there with all DECENOMY coins.

Hypecoinexchange has its company HYPE GLOBAL TRADE LTD in the UK.

The exchange is open to all countries without any restrictions!

Withdrawal goes with Basic Verification up to 1 BTC per year, once that is reached you need to do ID & Face Verification, Basic Verification is enough to get started.

Hypecoinexchange also have added a SAPP pair against all DECENOMY coins so you can trade completely seamless inside DECENOMY.

Moreover next information was added:

Dear Sapphire (SAPP) and DECENOMY friends,

Today is a great day,

Birake and HelioBank also have added a SAPP pair against all DECENOMY coins, giving one more possibility to trade completely inside DECENOMY!

Nice work!!! @birake

Additionally, at the first half of September Yield Nodes founders have sent a very nice email. Let's check it too.

Dear YieldNoders,

You might be surprised to see your Bitcoin pay-out 3 days early. (Sapphire was paid on schedule yesterday)

Don't worry - it's not a mistake! It's because YieldNodes was "born" on September 5th, 2019

That's when Urs and I decided to undertake this project and create a club were everyone could profit from masternoding and cryptocurrency.

The project grew, and we've now been doing what we do (and loving it) for 2 years already.

To celebrate this milestone, we decided to expedite your pay-out, so we hope it puts a smile on your face and eventually do something nice for someone you know.

You and everyone else who understands what YieldNodes is (or tries to be!) are a key reason why we can practice what we preach, so thank you, as always, for your trust.

All that remains is to remind you to stay mindful and diversified in your investments and participations, and to have a great Sunday!

Urs & Steve, on behalf of the whole Yieldnodes team

From our side we, of course, have sent our huge congratulations to Steve and Urs and we got simply amazing reply which we decided to share with you guys like some sort of inside information. Here it is:

Thank you for your kind words!

There will be a "hot autumn" where YieldNodes and especially DECENOMY will experience a great development. We are currently preparing everything in the background ;-)

Well guys, from our side we can say that this is simply wonderful to get such a reply! Almost every week Yield Nodes founders provide us valuable information and some insights about the whole project ecosystem. One more time we want to take this opportunity to congratulate developers with Yield Nodes second birthday and sincerely wish you development, success and many possibilities which will lead you to every from many of all your goals! We truly believe in what you preach in business and from our side want to thank you for your amazing work! Cheers!

By the way, guys, don't forget to check our one million video about how we reached one million balance from five thousand which we deposited at November 2019 with full information about our monthly profits!

1,000,000 EUR balance and April results
1,000,000 EUR balance and April results

Moreover, please don't forget that if you will register through our link you will get:

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  • and many many other important things!

And ones again guys! Hurry up with your deposits, because I really don't know exactly how many new users the Yield Nodes system will be able to accept.

Well, as always we really happy to work for you guys and please share this video with your friends - you will help us a lot. Don't forget to subscribe to our:

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Thank you for watching guys and see you inside!



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