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Current results and shocking news


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new video about Yield Nodes! Today as always, we will check our current results and additionally - last news of the Yield Nodes system because yesterday all Yield Nodes users got very informative email from Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann concerning human expectations and future of the Yield Nodes project! Well, let's start it!

So, guys as you can see profit for the first week of May was added and despite the instability it's still a really nice 1.4%! And guys, again, as I mentioned please don't think that this is low profits or something like that because as you remember for the first week of February, we got only small 1.6% but, in the end, we got just crazy 19.2% for the whole month. Moreover, as you remember during last 5 months, we got just amazing more than 13% in average monthly. So, 1.4% for the first week of May it's still really promising and as always it will be great to see more than 10% of profits for May as well! Fingers crossed!

Yield Nodes results for the first week of May 2021
Yield Nodes results for the first week of May 2021

Well guys, now I suggest you to check email which we got from CEO Steve yesterday about human expectations and future of the Yield Nodes project.

As you can see Steve mentioned:

Now, I want to address an important point of human nature...

The fact is, people love to make projections and anticipate gigantic sums of money in their YieldNodes account from 10 years of compounding their returns. As much as we'd all love that to be true, it hurts to burst this bubble because it's very unlikely that such numbers will ever be achieved.

The reason is simple - the returns of YieldNodes and the chains will ultimately reduce gradually, and you need to be prepared for that eventuality as we want to solidify YieldNodes and maintain its sustainability.

This isn't a bad thing at all, because we will solidify the foundations and ensure that you can profit well into the future with use cases and coin adoption. The mantra here for 2021 is to lay the foundations with businesses that use our products, and we're well on our way! We're building this with conviction in order to have a business that we can pass to our children - one that changes lives.

You're here at a great moment in time - a time when traditional finance is transitioning to cryptocurrency more and more. One thing's for certain - the future is coming... and paradoxically, "Slower than you anticipate but faster than you think"!

There have been several attempts at Bitcoin / crypto adoption over the last 10 years... but it IS happening. Remember, Bitcoin might have fallen into a bear market time and time again, but history has proven that it always comes back stronger, and to new heights, so the money flowing into the system is putting us all in a unique position to profit - one that future generations will NOT have!

As always, we're very thankful to have you aboard, and most of all to have your trust! In turn, we renew our pledge to be transparent and honest, and to do at least 1 more February-style audit this year (most likely in autumn) to prove that profits really are being generated and put to good use!

Well guys, if be honest I think that we all expected that one day our monthly profits will start to reduce slowly but the good point here is that Steve mentioned simply huge period of time like 10 years and in my opinion, we still have one, two or maybe even few years with the same average monthly profits like it was in the past two years but even when profits will start to reduce, I think it will be still amazing to have stable monthly earnings! Moreover, guys, please remember that as more you have on your MasterNoded balance as more you have in your monthly profits. So, if you want to growing up faster you need to make more deposits, but guys again please be sure that you deposit money which you can allow to invest!

Additionally, Steve mentioned that at autumn they plan to do one more Audit like we did it at February and I'm looking forward to see Yield Nodes project inside again. As you remember, I can't share any private information or some profit and crypto values but I think our own MasterNoded numbers on our account speaks for themselves, they can speak better than a thousand of words and as you can see guys, we are real believers in Yield Nodes project here!

By the way, guys, don't forget to check our one million video about how we reached one million balance from five thousand which we deposited at November 2019 with full information about our monthly profits!

1,000,000 EUR balance and April results
1,000,000 EUR balance and April results

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And ones again guys! Hurry up with your deposits, because I really don't know exactly how many new users the Yield Nodes system will be able to accept.

Well, as always we really happy to work for you guys and please share this video with your friends - you will help us a lot. Don't forget to subscribe to our:

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Thank you for watching guys and see you inside!



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