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Current results and answers to questions


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new video about Yield Nodes! Today we will check our current results and additionally I will answer to question which we got from our many fellow users! Well, let's start it!

So, guys as I mentioned in my previous videos 1.9% was added for the first week of April! But as you can see very nice 2.3% was added for the second week and really promising 2.6% was added for the third week! Despite really huge instability on the crypto market during last weeks, Yield Nodes still provides promising results and as always it will be great to see more than 10% profits for the April as well! Moreover, it's a really important month for us because as you remember we need to make one last step to the one million MasterNoded balance! Really excited!

Yield Nodes results for the three weeks of April 2021
Yield Nodes results for the three weeks of April 2021

Additionally, guys, during last weeks we got a lot of messages with the same question:

"Do you have any news concerning Yield Nodes regulation?"

Well guys, first of all I highly recommend you to not forget to check Yield Nodes emails which CEO Steve send at the beginning of every month for your convenience. He always provides detailed information about main news in the whole Yield Nodes project and here is what he mentioned in the last email concerning regulation:

"A lot is happening here as we sink into the paperwork hell that is seeking regulation (tentatively). Can not promise yet but we do try and explore all possible options for it with a big lawyer team."

So, as you can see process was started and guys does their best to get regulation!

Also was mentioned that:

"New payment method for EU and Switzerland has been added. A small Startup from the Swiss guys that allows to exchange fiat to bitcoin without any KYC hassles (only 100 Eur at first then 1000 Eur daily up to 100k a year) through a pretty straightforward Smartphone App."

Moreover, there was integrated a new payment processor called Onramper that should give Australia, Dubai & the Arabic market a better way to participate in masternoding with Yield Nodes.

Additionally, was mentioned that on the masternoding side everything is working very well. There is a lot of whitepaper writing going on and hopefully in a few months guys will have a possibility to show us their physical offices and make a nice video with a Tour!

I think it's sounds simply astonishing!

Moreover guys, we want to thank you very much again! We are so grateful for your kind words and your many good messages concerning our work and our Yield Nodes Monitor website. Thank you for your emails guys! It's really nice to see that we have so many happy followers! It's a real pleasure to read them but guys again please remember that the very best award for us it's your joining in Yield Nodes project through our affiliate link:

If you want to visit main Yield Nodes website through our affiliate link please use this one:

So as you can see everything is simple: just change .com to .org and we will get your the very best thanks for us! Thank you very much for that!

By the way, guys! Don't forget to check our interview with Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann which was released at 18th of January update!

Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann Interview
Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann Interview

There you will get from Steve the most valuable information and he will cover all your provocative questions. Moreover you will get a lot of inside materials include even unavailable to the public MasterNoding secrets, full developing history, detailed information about Yield Nodes core team and of course shocking 2021 news!

Moreover, guys if you will have more questions about Yield Nodes project or you just want to say something to us please feel free to send a message to our email address:

Well, as you can see Yield Nodes system is really impressive and guys, hurry up to make your deposit to get your profits already at the first day of the next month!

As always we really happy to work for you guys and please share this video with your friends - you will help us a lot. Don't forget to subscribe to our:

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Thank you for watching guys and join us on this journey!



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