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Main question and 20,000 EUR payment


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new video about Yield Nodes! Today we will check our current results, last news of the Yield Nodes system and additionally guys I will show you our Bitcoin wallet because we got our withdrawal payment in 20,000 EUR! Well, let's start it!

So guys as you can see profit for the first week of April was added and despite the huge instability it's a really nice 1.9%! And again guys, please don't think that this is low profits or something like that because as you remember for the first week of February we got only small 1.6% but in the end we got just crazy 19.2% for the whole month. So 1.9% for the first week of April it's still really promising and as always it will be great to see more than 10% of profits for April as well! Fingers crossed!

Yield Nodes results for the first week of April 2021
Yield Nodes results for the first week of April 2021

Ok, now let's check our wallet with a withdrawal payment in 20,000 EUR! As I mentioned above we got confirmation from Yield Nodes team that payment was sent and of course we checked our wallet right away and as you can see 20,000 EUR withdrawal was received and as always it was delivered in time! And one more time guys: As you can see Yield Nodes guys really responsible team and they critically care about their reputation! Happy to work with them!

20,000 EUR withdrawal payment from Yield Nodes in April 2021
20,000 EUR withdrawal payment from Yield Nodes in April 2021

Moreover guys, we got a lot of questions about Bitcoin influence in Yield Nodes project and we asked developers directly. In general answer was that of course bitcoin has some influence in project and it's always good when markets grow but this influence far away not a main thing for the whole Yield Nodes project because it contains a lot of other assets and investing opportunities. Moreover, please, remember that you see your MasterNoded balance in EUR currency and it is not connected with Bitcoin rates, so you can feel yourself relaxed.

Additionally guys, we got a lot of messages from website visitors and already registered in Yield Nodes users who still not made their deposits where they asked us about already very high Bitcoin rates and crypto industry in general, like: "Maybe it's all useless? And that train has left the station, and you do not get to ride this anymore?"

Well, in my opinion guys, the worldwide crypto adventure is only on it's first level from many many future higher levels. This is just the very beginning! First of all you can generate with Yield Nodes monthly income and this is already will be wonderful. Even if you will have small 8% or even 5%, isn't that good? I think it's already very promising!

Bitcoin chart from CoinGecko.com
Bitcoin chart from CoinGecko.com

Moreover guys, please remember that main players in crypto industries are not huge companies or some big investors. It's governments of many powerful countries! Many of them talking in a very suspicious way about crypto and risks for USD, EUR, CHF and other but some of them already start to understand that our future it's cryptocurrencies. As you know even in United States Senate more and more talks about Bitcoin controlling but as we all know blockchain technology completely decentralized and the only way to control Bitcoin (at least somehow) it's start to purchase it and do it in a just huge volumes. So simply imagine how crypto industry can grow if we will see at some day such actions from governments. In this case for example Bitcoin price can fly not into the Moon but into the Pandora! And please remember guys, that you should't use your last money in this journey! Always make research of your own financial situation before your final decision!

Please tell us your opinion in comments to this video about crypto industry and concerning this matter in general. It's very interesting to check your view as well and remember that we always answer on all comments!

Moreover guys, please be 100% sure that you checked our new and critically important Audit video which was released few weeks ago on our website.

Yield Nodes Full Audit
Yield Nodes Full Audit

As you understand it's the full verification that the project is real and for all deposits guys really set up nodes and this is not just one more ponzi or financial pyramid. Moreover it's a really good opportunity to see what actually happens with our money inside the Yield Nodes project. Highly recommend you to check it!

By the way, guys please also be 100% sure that you checked our new very important interview with Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann which was released only few weeks ago at 18 of January update!

Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann Interview
Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann Interview

There you will get from Steve the most valuable information and he will cover all your provocative questions. Moreover you will get a lot of inside materials include even unavailable to the public MasterNoding secrets, full developing history, detailed information about Yield Nodes core team and of course shocking 2021 news!

I can assure you that after your check all mentioned materials on our Yield Nodes Monitor website you will be able to make your own decision about will you join Yield Nodes project or not!

Moreover, please don't forget that if you will register through our link you will get:

  • possibility to start with a small deposit;
  • a high quality support for Yield Nodes system;
  • weekly reports and videos of Member Area;
  • current features and answers on questions in our blog;
  • profits statements and secrets;
  • access to our secret page with our diary of profits;
  • table of our deposits, withdrawals and reinvests;
  • last news about future of the Yield Nodes project;
  • and many many other important things!

And ones again guys! Hurry up with your deposits, because I really don't know exactly how many new users the Yield Nodes system will be able to accept.

Well, as always we really happy to work for you guys and please share this video with your friends - you will help us a lot. Don't forget to subscribe to our:

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Thank you for watching guys and see you inside!



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