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January results and emergency withdrawal


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new video about Yield Nodes system with a just amazing February report! Today I will show you our huge clear profit for January, current MasterNoded balance and new emergency withdrawal option! Let's start it!

Well guys, as you remember in my previous videos I mentioned that we await more than 10% for the current month as well and as you can see we got a very nice 12% for January! Really impressive!

January 2021 Profit Result
January 2021 Profit Result

And for our Master Noded balance it's just unthinkable 68 thousand and we have new profits record here guys! Because as you remember for October it was 42 thousand, after that we went down to the 39 thousand and at December we jumped very high to the 52 thousand and now we reached just amazing 68 thousand EUR of clear profits guys! Incredible!

Last 3 Months Profits
Last 3 Months Profits

As always we compounded all profits and now we have on our MasterNoded balance 6 hundred and 30 thousand EUR! Sincerely, it's just unbelievable results guys!

Our MasterNoded Balance for January 2021
Our MasterNoded Balance for January 2021

Well, now guys I suggest you to check new Emergency Withdrawal option which was added only today. As you can see this Feature allows you to withdraw all your masternoded and withdrawable combined balances within 48 hours and commission will be 25%. And as you can see this is not reversible and intended for Emergency use only! Yield Nodes developers just wanted to give you the possibility to access your funds anytime. Moreover please bear in mind that the 25% fee is also not going into Yield Nodes developers pockets, it's rather kept in Yield Nodes to keep the program healthy and to be fair to all regular Noders. I think it's fair enough and it's really nice to see such option just in case! Well done guys!

New Emergency Withdrawal option
New Emergency Withdrawal option

By the way, guys! We got a huge number of good and kind messages concerning our Yield Nodes Monitor website and we even not have a possibility to show all of them here in our weekly videos but please accept our sincere thanks to you for every kind word. We read every your message and we truly happy to get them! Thank you very much for that guys!

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By the way, guys please be 100% sure that you checked our new very important interview with Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann which was released only two weeks ago at 18 of January update! There you will get from Steve the most valuable information and he will cover all your provocative questions. Moreover you will get a lot of inside materials include even unavailable to the public MasterNoding secrets, full developing history, detailed information about Yield Nodes core team and of course shocking 2021 news!

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And ones again guys! Hurry up with your deposits, because I really don't know exactly how many new users the Yield Nodes system will be able to accept.

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