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Christmas gift and current results


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new video about Yield Nodes system! Today we will check our current results and additionally I decided to share my joy with you and show you my Christmas gift! Well, let's start it!

So guys as I mentioned in my previous video 2.1% was added for the first week of December and 2.3% was added for the second week of December but as you can see profits for the third week were added too and it's a very nice 3.4%! Really promising! Well, as always it will be great to see near 15% profits for the December as well!

Profit results of Yield Nodes for three weeks of December 2020
Profit results of Yield Nodes for three weeks of December 2020

Moreover guys, we want to thank you very much again! We are so grateful for your kind words and your many good messages concerning our work and our Yield Nodes Monitor website. Let's check some part!

Here for example a message from Justin:

to: Yield Nodes <support@yieldnodes.org>
date: 16 Dec 2020, 10:57 PM

Excellent videos and explanation. Thank you.

Here is a message which we got from William:

to: Yield Nodes <support@yieldnodes.org>
date: 19 Dec 2020, 5:21 PM

Hello! Impressive monitor! I made my deposit because of your videos and recommendation! I'm happy so far! Thank you!!!

Here is a message from guy with name Reza:

to: Yield Nodes <support@yieldnodes.org>
date: 21 Dec 2020, 3:32 PM

Thanks buddy. Nice job. Merry Christmas in advance. Have a nice holiday.

Thank you for your emails guys! It's really nice to see that we have so many happy followers! It's a real pleasure to read them but guys again please remember that the very best award for us it's your joining in Yield Nodes project throuhg our affiliate link:

If you want to visit main Yield Nodes website through our affiliate link please use this one:

So as you can see everything is simple: just change .com to .org and we will get your the very best thanks for us! Thank you very much for that!

Well, guys! Now it's a time to share my joy with you and show you my Christmas gift!

As you remember in my previous video I made withdrawal in 10,000 EUR. I thought that this payment I will get at the beginning of January but few minutes ago I got a message from Steve (he's a CEO of Yield Nodes project) that all withdrawal payments were done and this is a big Christmas gift for all users of Yield Nodes system!

Christmas gift from Steve
Christmas gift from Steve

It's a pleasure to get such news and here you can see this payment in my wallet. As you can see I received it only few minutes ago and 10,000 EUR now it's near 0.5 Bitcoin! Such a nice news!

Withdrawal of 10,000 EUR arrived to our Bitcoin wallet
Withdrawal of 10,000 EUR arrived to our Bitcoin wallet

Well guys as you can see all is ok and I decided to please myself with a purchase of a new laptop to the Christmas! For my goals the best choice was Lenovo Legion with a price in a one and a half thousand EUR and it was delivered recently and today I will pay in full for it by using payment from my withdrawal in Yield Nodes system. It was a real surprise for me too! Perfect!

New Lenovo Legion laptop
New Lenovo Legion laptop

Additionally I decided to purchase Samsung 2Tb SSD and installed it right away. Everything works correctly and smoth! Now my humble working place at home is ready for the next step of successful developing.

Also I will purchase a lot of gifts for my family and friends to make them happy too! Because it's really nice to get gifts but of course it's much more pleasant to give them!

By the way, guys! I want to mention that this is not one more marketing story or something like that, this is a real life and my gladness which I share with you and if you want to be more successful in your life and do the same for youself and your loved ones hurry up to join Yield Nodes project to be a part of our money making family!

Moreover, guys if you will have more questions about Yield Nodes project or you just want to say something to us please feel free to send a message to our email address:

Well, as you can see Yield Nodes system is really impressive and hurry up to make your deposit to get your profits already at the beginning of January!

In the end guys, me, Ronald and our entire team sincerely wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Profitable New Year 2021! I'm sure everyone of us hope that it will be much more better than 2020!

Well, thank you for watching guys and join us on this journey!



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