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Withdrawal video and current results


Hey guys! Antony here! This is my new video about Yield Nodes and today I will show you my 10,000 EUR withdrawal which I should get to my wallet at the beginning of January. Moreover, in my previous video I mentioned that after I got confirmation that despite the huge instability on the markets during November Yield Nodes system generated for us very nice 9.8% I decided to make two more deposits to make my balance even bigger and of course like I promised I will show you it today! Moreover as always we will check our current profits for the second week of December!

Well now let's check my new deposits! As you can see 1 thousand was sent at 1st of December and more than 6 thousand was sent at 2nd of December. So in general it's almost 8 thousand EUR deposit and moreover, it was already added to my MasterNoded balance and now I have almost 4 hundred 50 thousand EUR and as you can see we almost reached a half of a million EUR guys. Very fast moving! Unthinkable! Sincerely guys, hurry up with your deposits to get on board!

Almost half of a million EUR
Almost half of a million EUR

Additionally as you can see for the first week we got a profit in 2.1% but today was added profits for the second week and it's a really nice 2.3%! A very promising first half of the month and now I await more than 10% for December as well!

Well guys now let's make a request for withdrawal of 10,000 EUR which I mentioned above and please remember that today it's a last day for withdrawal requests if you want to get your payment at the beginning of January. So, let's start it!

As you can see I have 46,000 EUR eligible for transfer.

46,000 EUR eligible for transfer
46,000 EUR eligible for transfer

It's my deposits which I made more than 6 months ago and as you can see they were already released and have a green color. So, now let's transfer 10,000 EUR to withdrawable balance. After that we should choose our wallet. To add your wallet you should click "Manage Wallets" button, type it's name, address and click "Add Wallet". It will be added right away. As you can see we called our wallet "YieldNodes.Org - Yield Nodes Monitor" because our profits connected with our independent and the most detailed in-depth monitor of Yield Nodes system. Now let's type our withdraw amoung in 10,000 EUR and click "Withdraw". So as you can see request has been sent and please be sure that I will show you my wallet with this payment at the beginning of January!

Withdrawal 10,000 EUR
Withdrawal 10,000 EUR

By the way, guys we have a winner in our contest and it's a some Indian guy. We have sent him a message with our congratulations, also asked to record a video for us with happy face and provide us his address and full name. He was happy and polite but he declined everything and even asked to not send him iPhone 12 Pro Max. He just provided his Btc wallet and mentioned that money for him more important now. If be honest we not planned to send coins or something like that but we decided to accept his suggestion and just sent him $1,200 to his wallet yesterday. Here you can see this transaction. In any case thank you all guys who joined this contest and please be sure that in the future we will have more prizes.

Additionally, guys thank you very much for your emails with good messages and many kind words concerning our Yield Nodes Monitor website! It's really nice to see that we have so many happy followers! It's a real pleasure to read them but guys please remember that the very best award for us it's your joining in Yield Nodes project throuhg our affiliate link:

If you want to visit main Yield Nodes website through our affiliate link please use this:

Moreover, guys if you will have more questions about Yield Nodes project or you just want to say something to us please feel free to send a message to our email address:

Well, I can say one more time that I'm super happy to be a part of Yield Nodes system and I highly recommend you to try it as soon as possible because it's really nice to see how your balance grow from month to month!

Thank you for watching and see you inside!



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