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Important news and 4,500 EUR deposit


Hey guys! Antony here! This is my new video about Yield Nodes and as you remember in my previous video which I sent one week ago I mentioned that after I got just crazy profits in 41,000 EUR for October which were added to my account at the beginning of November I decided to make one more deposit to make my account even bigger.

So as you can see 4,500 EUR was sent at November 5th, will be traded since November 13th and when it will be added to my master noded balance I will have more than 3 hundred 60 thousand EUR! Just fabulous! Sincerely, I really can't believe that I reached such unthinkable numbers during such a short period of time! Fantastic guys!

Yes, it's not a big deposit if compare it with monthly profits but I decided that it will be better if this money will generate additional income for me in YieldNodes.Org system than just lie around in my wallet doing nothing. I think it's reasonable thing for any person!

By the way, guys as you can see was added a special notification about your idle or pending deposits. It's a short info about how much and when (usually after 7 days) your new deposit will be added to Master Noding balance. So now everything in front of your eyes and it's not necessary to go into Deposits section every time to check your new deposits. Very comfortable thing for users and I really hope you enjoy it!

Additionally today I got a question from Ernesto:

to: support@yieldnodes.org
date: Nov 9, 2020, 1:09 AM
subject: Question about yieldnodes.org

Hi Antony and Ronald,

First of all I want to thank you, it's really cool to see your results and thank you for sharing them. My wife and I watch your videos together every week like a regular TV show (I'm not kidding). I already made my deposit five months ago and every month I withdraw my profit. Some time ago I decided to recommend you to my friends and asked myself: what platform is better to have to use your system? Thank you, sincerely, I wish you success!

Best regards,

Well, Ernesto, thank you very much for your kind words! It's really nice to see that we have so many happy users and a very big thank you that you decided to recommend Yield Nodes project to other users. We appreciate it!

Concerning your question. The answer is short and pretty simple: it absolutely does not matter which platform you have. You only need to:

  • run any browser on your device (it can be PC, Mac, iPhone, any Android smartphone, iPad or any other device)
  • after that visit YieldNodes.Org website (link you also can find below the video)
  • after that click Get full info or VIP Access button and register
  • and finally just make your deposit and you are 100% ready to get profits!

As you can see everything is really simple and comfortable for ANY users. YieldNodes.Org system not has any limitations. Only one important thing I can note: Yield Nodes grows very fast and we already see that it's impossible to accept all users for the current moment so if you want to get on board I highly recommend you do it faster because soon you can see "no more deposits" message. Sorry for that, but it was impossible to predict such huge popularity and fast growth of the project!

By the way, guys if you will have more questions about Yield Nodes project or you just want to say something to us please feel free to send a message to our E-mail address:

Additionally, as you can see was added profit for the first week in a very good 2.2% and of course I await nice profits for November as well! One more time I can say that YieldNodes.Org system is really impressive and hurry up to make your deposit and start your success story today!

Thank you for watching and let all your investments be profitable ones!



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