October 21, 2020 (

Current results and 15,000 EUR deposit


Hey guys! Antony here! This is my new video about Yield Nodes and as you remember in my previous video which I sent two weeks ago I mentioned that after I got confirmation that for September Yield Nodes system generated 12.3% I decided to make one more deposit to make my balance even bigger and of course like I promised I will show you it today! Moreover as always we will check profits for the current October weeks!

But first of all I want to say that we got so many visitors to our YieldNodes.Org website and I would like to thank you very much for all your kind words and your many many good messages concerning it! This is really inspires us to show you more and work even harder to provide you detailed info with stable results!

Here for example a message from Ben:

to: support@yieldnodes.org
date: Oct 20, 2020, 9:35 AM
subject: yieldnodes.org website profit

Hi guys! I checked your video and was amazed that I also got 12.3% for the last month! I got this information from you and I even have not checked my account yet and it was such a big surprise to see my first 2 thousand profits. I started three months ago with a deposit in 500 eur and after the first withdrawal I made a few more deposits and now I have almost 20 thousand and it's so nice to see how my profits grow! Thank you so much for your support and recommendation to join your yieldnodes.org project!

With all respect and gratitude from Germany,

You can't imagine how it's important for me and how it's great to read such messages from you guys! Thank you very much again and please be sure that everything what you see is 100% my real honest opinion and you always can reach me and ask anything. I'm 100% open and I will be more than happy to help you guys with everything!

Well now let's check my new deposit! As you can see 15 thousand was sent on 6 October, traded since 14 October and now it was also added to my invested deposit and for the current moment I have more than 2 hundred 80 thousand EUR! Just incredible! This is really amazing guys!

Moreover as you can see for the first week we got profit in 1.7%, for the second week it's 2.3% and today was added profit for the third week in crazy 2.9%! So like I mentioned I await more than 10% for October as well! I want so much to see full profits at the November 1st. Really excited!

By the way, guys if you will have more questions about YieldNodes.Org project or you just want to say something to me please feel free to send a message to our email address:

Additionally, please be 100% sure that you subscribed to our social networks accounts where you can find lots of valuable information including even our first November 2019 video about Yield Nodes! All links you can find below or in description:

Well, I can say one more time that I'm super happy to be a part of YieldNodes.Org system and I highly recommend you try it as soon as possible because it's really nice to generate stable profits with no risk!

Thank you for watching and see you on the other side!



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