October 05, 2020 (

September results and 27,000 EUR profit


Hey guys! Antony here and this is my new video with a fresh October report about Yield Nodes.

By the way, I want to mention that I didn't send it on the first day of October because I decided to make one more deposit which I will of course show you in this video. But now it's time to check my current results.

So as you can see during September Yield Nodes system generated for us just crazy 12.3% of clear profits and it's almost 27 thousand EUR! This is just unbelievable earnings!

As always I compounded all profits and it was added to my master noded balance and now I have almost 2 hundred and 48 thousand EUR. Guys it's just incredible numbers and really I even can't believe in such results! But hold on, that's not all!

In my previous video I mentioned that I want to see several hundred and as you can see I made one more deposit in 20 thousand. Moreover after I got confirmation that for September Yield Nodes system generated 12.3% I decided to make one more deposit to make my balance even bigger. I will show you it of course in my next video! So as you can see everything is perfect and I am really happy so far guys!

Please don't forget that if you will have more questions about Yield Nodes please feel free to send them to our email address:

In the end I can say that Yield Nodes system is really impressive and I highly recommend you to make your deposit faster to get your profits already after the first week of October because I got some news that we can see good profits for the current month too! So go ahead and please remember that the sleeping fox catches no chickens.

Thank you for watching and see you on the other side!



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