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Payment video and current results


Hi guys! Antony here and this is my new and I should say very important video about Yield Nodes! I just can't wait to show you it! Well, let's check it out!

So guys, it's time to start but first of all I would like to thank you very much for all your kind words and your many good messages concerning my diary about Yield Nodes. This is really ispire me to show you more and work even harder.

Here for example a message from David:

to: support@yieldnodes.org
date: Aug 7, 2020, 4:07 AM
subject: Yield Nodes and other

Hi guys, Iam from Australia and still waiting to get my Walleteze account verified so that I can invest in Yield nodes, I think its a fantastic idea and thank you for giving me the heads up on it.

You can't imagine how it's important for me and how it's great to read such messages from you guys! Thank you very much again and please be sure that everything what you see is 100% my real honest opinion and you always can reach me and ask anything. I'm 100% open and I will be more than happy to help you guys!

Well, now it's time to say why I mentioned that this video is very important and I highly recommend you to check it!

During last weeks I got a huge number of questions about my deposits: How I do them? Which currency I use? How fast they are? How long guys will set up nodes for me? And many many other. Some of you already got my answers where I said that I will make one more deposit in 15,000 EUR and I decided to cover all your questions in one video where I will show the whole process of my payment include even bitcoin wallet transaction! So, let's start it!

First of all you need to go into the Deposit section. Here you can see deposit options: Bank Wire, Cards, Bitcoin and in general after your registration I highly recommend you contact Yield Nodes developers and guys will suggest you more options and I can assure you that you will find the best possible option for comfortable and fast transaction.

You can choose "Bitcoin + Wire/Cards" or "Bank Wire"

For the current moment for all my deposits I use Bitcoin payments. To make Bitcoin deposit you simply need to enter your amount. For me it's 15,000 EUR and you can see it's value in Bitcoin right away! As you can see for me it's 1.46 BTC. After that you should click on Show Bitcoin Wallet button and you will see Bitcoin address on which you should send Bitcoins from your wallet.

You should send Bitcoins to this BTC wallet

I copy this address and connect my smartphone with opened Bitcoin wallet!

Here you can see a list of my transactions and I even can find a transaction with 74,000 EUR deposit! Here it is!

My transaction with 74,000 EUR

As you can see I made it at July 3 and Transaction fee was only 0.00028 Bitcoin and for the current moment it's only near 3 US dollars. Just extremely low fee for such big transaction and moreover it was made only during few seconds!

By the way, I think you heard that few month ago was made transaction in $1.1 billion that took few minutes and cost was just $80!

I think you already understand why crypto transactions it's the fastest, safest, cheapest and the most comfortable payment option in the world! The true power of cryptocurrencies and masternoding!

Well, let's come back to the transactions list and now we should go into the Send section.

As you remember I copied Bitcoin address in the Deposit section of the Yield Nodes Member Area and now I just paste it into the Recipient line. After that I click Amount and type amount which was suggested by the Yield Nodes and click Ok. After that I choose commissions and as a rule I always set it to maximum because transaction in this case will be even faster that always. Click Ok again and after that you should just click Pay button and confirm your transaction by entering your wallet pin code.

Now as you can see transaction has been placed and you can come back to the Deposit section of the Yield Nodes Member Area. Please scroll down to the Deposits History table and after few minutes you will see there your deposit with Pending status. Don't worry if you not see it right away because it depends on number of crypto transactions for the current moment around the world and it can take some time. For example my current deposit was added after 15 minutes.

In the Traded since column you will see a date when for your deposit guys finish to set up nodes and it will be added to the Invested balance. Usually it takes 5 - 10 days.

Well, guys! Now you have fully understanding of how I made all my deposits and if you still have any questions about Yield Nodes please feel free to send them to our email address:

In the end I suggest you to open Dashboard section and check last profits! As you can see during first week was added a profit in 2.2% and additionally we can see that for the second week profit was 1.9%! Guys this is really promising results for August too! Just can't wait to see final August profit at the beginning of September! Really excited!

Well, thank you for watching and let all your deposits be fast and successful! See you on the other side!



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