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July results and answers to questions


Hey guys! Antony here and this is my new video with a fresh August report about Yield Nodes.

As you remember in my previous video which I sent two weeks ago I mentioned that I await near 10% of profits for July as well. So now it's time to show you our current earnings and answer on new questions.

Well as you can see during July Yield Nodes system generated for us 9.6% of clear profits and it's almost eleven thousand EUR! Amazing!

As always I compounded all profits and it was added to my invested deposit and now I have almost 1 hundred and 47 thousand EUR. Guys it's just an unbelievable increase of deposit! I'm so excited about my future with Yield Nodes!

Additionally I got a question from Adam:

to: support@yieldnodes.org
date: Aug 3, 2020, 6:39 AM
subject: Question about Yield Nodes for Antony

Hi guys! My name is Adam and I'm really impressed by your reviews and videos. I'm your fan since last year. I have two licenses of GPS Robot and I'm happy so far! But today I want to ask you about Yield Nodes: Antony, in your answer to John in your previous video you mentioned that you made the first deposit in 5000, but in March was added deposit already in 10000. Why is that? Thank you again!

First of all, thank you very much Adam for your kind words! We appreciate it!

Concerning your question. Well, it seems that you have not checked our diary about Yield Nodes very carefully because I mentioned that I made a second deposit in 3 thousand EUR. So in general it was deposit in 8 thousand and profit was already more than 2 thousand. This is a reason why you see my first deposit in the Member Area in March in more than 10 thousand in general.

Sorry for so many numbers here but I just want to be 100% honest with you guys and don't forget that if you will have more questions about Yield Nodes please feel free to send them to our E-Mail address:

Well, as you can see Yield Nodes system is really impressive and hurry up to make your first deposit with them to get your first profits already at the beginning of September!

Thank you for watching and let all your investments be profitable ones!



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