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Current results and answers to questions


Hey guys! Antony here! This is my new video about Yield Nodes and as you remember in my previous video which I sent two weeks ago I showed my big deposit in 74 thousandand I promised to show you my Member Area when it will be added to my account.

So, as you can see now it was added to my invested deposit and now I have more than 1 hundred and 30 thousand EUR. Really impressive!

Moreover as you can see today was added profit for the third week in 2.6%! So I await more than 10% for July as well! Guys it's a brilliant and stable result!

Additionally I got a question from John Wilson:

to: support@yieldnodes.org
date: Jul 21, 2020, 7:57 PM
subject: Question about Yield Nodes

Hello GPS Robot Team! Hi Antony! :) Just curious: why in your deposit section you have your first deposit in 10 thousand but earlier you said that your first deposit was 5 thousand? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Well, thank you very much John for your kind words! We appreciate it!

The answer is pretty simple:

As you remember I made my first deposit in 5 thousand at the end of last year and I was one of the first beta testers. During that period guys from Yield Nodes not finished yet their Member Area and when after a few months it was opened, programmers just added all my deposits and profits in one amount to my account in the Member Area which was already more than 10 thousand.

So as you can see there is nothing to hide and everything is clear. By the way, guys if you have more questions about Yield Nodes please feel free to send them to us:

Well, guys! I can say one more time that I'm really happy to be a part of Yield Nodes system and I highly recommend you try it as soon as possible because it's really nice to generate stable long term profits with a good and reputable company!

Thank you for watching and see you on the other side!



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