July 06, 2020 (

June results and 74k deposit


The June has ended and it's time to share with you additional news along with the latest results!

We got a lot of questions about YieldNodes and we decided to not post you more screenshots but simply show you our member area in video.

Primarily, we want to mention that in the end of June on our account was near 46 thousand EUR. As you can see, during June YieldNodes program generated for us an amazing 12.1%. It's 5 thousand and 6 hundred EUR and this clear profit was pocketed despite the global economic crisis. Not bad, huh?... and after that we compounded all profits as always and, moreover, we made one more deposit in 2 thousand to generate more. Now in general we have almost 54 thousand on our account. Guys it's just amazing results!

As you remember in our previous E-Mails we said that after almost one year we completely trust guys from YieldNodes and we plan to make a big deposit during a few weeks. Well now it's time to show you our new big deposit.

As you can see at the beginning of July we made a deposit in almost 74 thousand. Currently, it has status "Pending" and after guys will set up nodes for it, we will see on July 11 our full invested deposit which should be near astonishing 130,000 EUR! Awesome!

So guys, finally after many months of work with YieldNodes we completely trust them and with all responsibility we can definitely recommend you to try it because as we said, we can assure you that you will make more payments in the future because it's really nice to see how your profits grow!

Imagine if it is your account? Not so big profit like you can meet in other investment programs in Internet, but 100% real without any risks! And you should keep in mind that profit depends on your initial deposit. You can start with any sum what do you want.

Moreover you should know that YieldNodes has a guarantee against low performance. A projected pure profit per month is 5-15%. Should the yield go lower than 5% per month for 3 consecutive months, your deposit will be paid including accrued profits if compounding was chosen. Without fuss or quibble.



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