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Corona Virus Threat is Real,
are your Finances prepared?


The Corona Virus is wreaking havoc on the economy. Stocks are diving faster than the eye can see. In fact, wallstreet just blocked trading!

Real estate? Hotels, restaurants, brick and mortar businesses, every commercial property is forced to close and losses are made in the Billions of dollars... disaster!

Regular Money? As we speak there is more money being printed than ever before, it gives you a false sense of security while its being devalued as we speak and when it comes to the worst.

It won't help if you retain your money while toilet paper is going to cost 100 usd per roll... (dramatized but you get the point!)

It's FALSE security while you are bleeding out slowly and before you realize have lost not the paper money but your net worth!

So how to profit and retain your value you might ask?

Simple: a profit generating investment business that works online, is not dependent on the economy and builds infrastructure for the new economy of tomorrow.

Doesn't exist you say? Normally not...

Yield Nodes Performance

Yield Nodes is COVID-19 resistant and has proven to be crisis resistant as its completely handled online and doesn't depend on human to human interaction.

So, whatever you do don't hesitate as the moment of action is NOW!

At the end of the 2019 year we invested €5,000 and during four months our account was doubled into astonishing €10,642! Not bad, huh?

Yield Nodes has compounding system. It means that every month you can compound the profit with your deposit and the next month will calculate around sum of deposit and profit.

Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann Interview

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In this remarkable interview Yield Nodes CEO Steve Hoermann will provide us the most valuable information about their innovative project and will cover all your provocative and challenging questions. Moreover you will get a lot of inside materials including even unavailable to the public MasterNoding secrets, full developing history, detailed information about Yield Nodes core team and of course shocking 2021 news!


November 01, 2022 (

November report and meeting with Steve


Hi guys! Antony here and this is our new video about Yield Nodes system. Today we discuss everything what happened and we will provide you some information and our thoughts on it. But first of all, please accept our apologize that this update took some time for us but the main reason for that is our planned personal meeting with Steve in Dubai. We discussed our meeting few weeks before the 11th of October email in which we got information that all our balances are locked and I was even not sure if Steve will be able to meet after that and answer some questions but, in the end, we still had a personal conversation.

I planned to talk about other things and prepared some sort of questions but after 11th of October it was necessary to change all questions to another ones to get some sort of information and understanding what is going on and what we can expect in the future and the most important, which chances we have that everything will be ok with our accounts inside Yield Nodes project and DECENOMY ecosystem. Moreover, I decided to take a pause to check all materials on over the net and social media to get additional information and now it's a time to release our update. Well let's started!

As you remember at 11th of October, we got a huge email from Urs. In this email we got information that now all our balances are locked in the system and future possible options to make at least partial withdrawals will be explained later in details and now Yield Nodes will be restructured into Yield Nodes Pro to ensure hedging by real assets and to ensure that shared values are preserved in the long term.

Mail from Urs at 11th of October 2022 Mail from Urs at 11th of October 2022
Mail from Urs at 11th of October 2022

It is worth noting that earlier Urs talked about this process, that coins will be tied to real assets in order to maintain the health of the ecosystem of companies and in fact this is not news to all of us, but I am not sure that I can say that I am happy about how it is was done. Because for me personally, to be honest, it was a shock and I did not expect such a turn at that moment, especially against the background of the previous usual message that payments will now be processed within four days. Moreover, it was difficult to realize and accept that now all our balances are frozen and there is nothing we can do at the moment. Of course, I understand that for many people it was a huge surprise too.

After receiving and reading the email, I have sent Steve a message asking him to explain in detail what is happening and whether users will be paid their withdrawal:

Message to Steve in Skype
Message to Steve in Skype

He was able to answer after several days because it was big pressure on him and he briefly explained that it was unexpected. Additionally, he mentioned that coins will be peg to the real assets and value will come back. Moreover, he confirmed our meeting and we decided to discuss everything in person.

After some time finally we were able to have a personal meeting and discussed in details what happened and which future investors can await. Our meeting was in some restaurant in the hotel and unfortunately, I was not able to record some type of video interview but it was a very constructive discussion during two hours.

Personal meeting with Steve in Dubai
Personal meeting with Steve in Dubai

To make long conversation short here is main points from Steve about current situation:

  • It happens because of worldwide crises, pressure on SAPP and locked balances on exchange.
  • They work for the moment with all passion to bring everything back.
  • We can't promise but chances are very high.
  • They will not go anywhere and will push as much as they can.
  • Now they will do weekly videos to inform the community.
  • Urs will answer all questions in the new Yield Nodes Discord channel.
  • All pending withdrawals in account will be returned back to the account balance.
  • We don't recommend to make EW because you will regret it later.
  • 2-3 weeks till the EW but maybe it takes more time.
  • You can make partial or full EW with any % loss but not less than 10%, it's up to you.
  • PDF from DECENOMY employee was almost fully untrue.
  • 5% quarterly will be added to the account balance.
  • Legal actions are not right because it's a shot in the leg of all users.
  • Urs is a long-term Uwe's partner and they helped each other over the years.
  • Uwe see future in this company and possible future profits.
  • They plan to reach between 0.5 - 1 billion capital over the years.
  • In the nearest future they will release report from verified auditors.
  • Uwe built solar panels in Iran and solar energy is no sanctioned there by the USA.
  • We don't know if it will be available to choose in which real assets you want to invest but we think to make it possible.
  • NFT like a smart contract will generate consistent income from the real assets.
  • Binance asked for full money verification over the years and they provided them it in full.
  • We still plan to do MasterNoding and the gambling factor is out of plans after we peg coins to the real assets.
  • Steve about their plan: "As more words I listen, as more I'm solid on it and I wish we had started sooner."
  • I think that if people start understand what we are trying to do then we will get from them goodwill.
  • In the end Steve said: "My life for the next years is Yield Nodes growing."

Additionally, Steve mentioned that some employees asked to pay them only in DECENOMY coins and I was happy to hear that because it confirms that they are truly believe in what they are doing.

Moreover, Urs released first version of the Lite Paper. It was without some details but he said that he will add more information later but, in any case, you already can find there description of their vision, DECENOMY structure and functionality, short NFT information and benefits for asset providers, investors and market participants.

First version of Lite Paper
First version of Lite Paper

You can download the first version of Lite Paper here. Also, I highly recommend you to check Discord official group because Urs already answered there on a lot of questions and continue to do that.

If be honest, for us of course this situation was a simply huge punch especially because we did not make any withdrawals during last one and half year because we supported DECENOMY and Yield Nodes vision. But despite all that, in any case, in my opinion we should let them work hard on the current situation to fix everything and maybe make us even more happy than we were before all of this. After my conversation with Steve, I can definitely say that they are not scammers or something like that, they will not go anywhere and they really working hard for the moment. We spent two hours like it was literally 10 minutes and we finished it only because Steve had next meeting with investors and partners. He was truly excited and motivated and I saw a real passion in his eyes!

Unfortunately, in the past I invested in some scam projects and I know how it looks like. Current situation with Yield Nodes is definitely not the same guys. I happy to see that founders not hide anywhere and for the moment they are in the constant contact with Yield Nodes users. Additionally, I also got information that this Wednesday Steve will release new video with last news and current progress of the Yield Nodes and DECENOMY projects. Moreover, I was happy to see that some user with last name Larsen visited yesterday Malta hub and had a personal meeting with Urs. In his public message he mentioned:

Mail from Urs at 11 October 2022Mail from Urs at 11 October 2022
Mail from Urs at 11 October 2022

This is not a financial advice and please always do your own research but after my personal research and meeting with Steve I can say 100% honesty that this is not a "rug pull". I thought that I definitely will fix some part of balance in Yield Nodes by using new emergency withdrawal option but after all I even think maybe not to do that at all and stay with the project in full because for the moment, I'm also excited about Urs and Steves future plans with DECENOMY and Yield Nodes. Of course, maybe I will regret later but I really hope that not, because guys definitely do all for the moment to fix everything and even provide users additional profits. I don't know exactly and I can't predict future but, in the end, I came to conclusion that maybe it's not the end but beginning of something amazing for us guys!

See you and be on the positive side!

Yield Nodes is not an investment program but a "pay for service" system that generates profits based on a mathematical algorithm ingrained within each master-noded coin.


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